A Shout Out To Sponsors!

I have been entering sweepstakes and contests long before the internet. I used to scour grocery stores, newspapers and magazines for entry forms. Of course the internet has made entering much easier and cheaper but there is a trend I would like to see reinstated regarding instant wins prizes.

Years ago, instant wins were popular but the odds of winning were, staggeringly high to win a worthy prize. That is still the case, it ranks out there with winning the lottery.

What most people didn’t know, unless you were a serious sweepstakes fanatic like myself, those prizes which weren’t claim, were still up for grabs!

Way at the bottom in the rules there was always an address to send a 3” x 5” card with your name and address to be entered into a draw for many unclaimed prizes. After all those prizes had been ring fenced to that giveaway.

We all know that there are people who don’t check instant win vouchers and just throw them away saying something like, “I never win anything” or “No one wins, it’s a scam”. I would roll my eyes in disbelief when I heard that. Because as you know people are winning prizes every day!

Now, unfortunately the instant win prizes don’t seem to be offered in a draw if they aren’t claimed. I only rarely see this as an option now. It is a shame because that was an added element to keep the attention long after the item was purchased.

So here is what I am asking. If you like to take part in instant win giveaways, drop the sponsor a line and make a polite request. These prizes have already been promised, so why not expand the excitement. Of course the company would be unlikely to change their rules for the current instant win sweepstakes, however for their next giveaway, they might.

I think if they receive several requests, they would alter their future instant win prize allocation. Everyone loves a second chance at winning and this would be a good hook for them to use.
Did you know that instant win prizes were often given away left unclaimed? It is amazing what you find in the fine print of the rules.