What Are The Best Months To Enter Sweepstakes


As we turn another page on the monthly calendar and leave July behind it is worth mentioning that this is traditionally a quiet time for sweepstakes. You might wonder why. The answer is money. Advertisers don’t spend their money promoting during this time, generally as many people are away on their vacations, spending time with friends and family and doing other things.

That isn’t to say there aren’t still giveaways and contests to enter, because there are. Moreover, because of the activities that other people are doing during this time of year, it means the odds of winning are better.

Advertisers and the companies behind the giveaways are saving their promotions for more profitable times of the year. Let’s take a look at what is going to be happening in the next few months and you’ll see what I mean.   ________

Back to school giveaways

Back to school: You will already have seen a few sweepstakes promoting ‘back to school giveaways’. The prizes usually include items surrounding necessities for school year including backpacks, notebooks and clothing. Some companies target their promotions towards college and university students with sweepstakes offering prizes for dorm rooms. Things such as microwaves, desks, and ice chests. Laptops, cell phones, tablet are always a popular prize during this time of year.

With the holiday season starting earlier every year, many companies begin their festive promotions in November to maximize their earnings from their sweepstakes promotion. Some of the companies will extend the deadlines into the upcoming year. These usually offer cars, trucks or boats as big ticket prizes. Houses are often promoted during this time of year in conjunction with television shows. Don’t think that vacations aren’t available during this time as many offer winter getaways. These could be skiing vacations or trips to exotic places.

December: As the year ends the companies push hard to grab your attention with their giveaways. Don’t think that all of the entries are online. In stores you will find a bounty of companies giving away seasonal prizes. Grab that entry form and fill it out straight away before you leave the store. December is a busy month and many people take forms and never enter so it makes it a perfect time for you to capitalize on this behavior. Do your Christmas or holiday shopping early so you can concentrate on entering when other people are too busy.