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Contests Added Dec 17, 2016


Hello everyone visiting from the UK, I have seen you’ll be covered in snow for Christmas. It sounds like a perfect time to stay inside and enter competitions. We are updating our site so here are just a few to get you started. Good luck with your entries.

Win a Living room makeover. If you think your lounge could do with a bit of a tart up, then you should to win this makeover.  closes Feb 5, 2017 (read more)

Win a cookbook and hamper full of food. If you love traveling because you get to sample unusual foods then this is a prize for you. With recipes garnered from exotic locations and a hamper full of exotic food, you simply must enter. Closes January 5, 2017 11:55am  (read more)

Win a set of Le Crueset pans. Any good cook knows the agony of trying to cook with inferior cooking pans. Don’t let this happen to you, enter now to win a 3-piece set of this beautifully made French cookware. Closes Jan 12, 2017 (read more)

Win a Whole Foods Hamper. Packed full of healthy goodness, you’ll be impressed to win this hamper worth £70. Closes January 15, 2017 (read more)

Sweepstakes Added December 16, 2016

A selection of great prizes for you whether you like traveling, or want to get fit. 

Win a trip to New Orleans. A place everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. A cultural and musical center of the South. (read more)  closes Feb 1. 2017


Win beauty products. Ladies we all know you can’t have too many beauty products, don’t we? Here is your chance to add to your stockpile (I mean collection).  (read more ) closes Jan 31


Win a Nordic Track. Just what you need to burn off those Christmas parties. Get this set up at home and you will be fit in no time.  (read more) closes Jan 31


Win a Yeti Cooler: Whether you are a fan of tailgate parties, or like to go prepared for a picnic in the park (read more) closes Dec 31









Sweepstakes Added December 16, 2016

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite sweepstakes prizes, cars, trips, and cash! Enter one or all of them by following the link which says (read more). There you’ll find out more information about the eligibility requirements, prizes and more information.



WIN A 2017 LEXUS RX 350 F SPORT Just imagine a new Lexus parked in your garage. Feels good, doesn’t it? Here is your chance to make it happen (read more) Closes Dec 31

WIN A TRIP FOR 4 TO THE SUPERBOWL Who would you take to the Superbowl if you won? The prize is a trip for 4 people. (read more) Closes Jan 1, 2017

Win A Trip To Peru Grab your camera and get snapppin’ for this fab prize of a trip to Peru. Prizes for the best in category as well. (read more) Closes Dec 31

Win a Toyota Corolla One of the best cars around in my opinion, the Toyota Corolla goes from strength to strength. If you’re ready to enter (read more) closes April 28, 2017

Win a $1,000 Visa Card Who couldn’t use a bit of extra cash about now? Always a popular prize, so make sure your name is in the virtual hat to win. (read more) Closes Dec 31

Would You Pay Someone To Enter Sweepstakes For You?

I think we all wish we had more time to enter sweepstakes and giveaways, right? I just read about a person who pays a virtual assistant to enter for her! On one hand I think, hey what a great idea, but on the other hand I almost feel like it is cheating.

There are a few other issues I see with doing this and I wonder if the person who is paying this VA is aware of them.

In the rules, many giveaways state that no third party entries will be accepted. This means if the winners email and the ip address from where the entry originated don’t tie up, then they won’t win.

While I’ve got you here, let’s discuss something else which could get the winner disqualified. Entering online is convenient, there is no doubt about it and it makes it almost impossible to enter late as more often than not the software won’t accept late entries.

Being too young will also get you disqualified, check the age limits, this is especially true of sponsors who are either offering alcohol as a prize or if this is their business.

Giving a false email address! What, why would someone do this? The answer is of course they don’t want a bunch of spam. If you are entering online, it is likely your notification of winning a prize, will come as an email.

Some giveaways can detect auto form fillers which they don’t like and will disqualify entrants who use these. You may see no problem with this but the longer you are on their site, the more likely you are to click on something on their page. Also if you aren’t staying longer than 30 seconds on a page, your view isn’t counting in the statistics of their site. If you aren’t familiar with why this is important, it would mean they have a high bounce rate which devalues a site. The quality of advertising revenue is determined by many factors including bounce rate.

These are just a few things to be aware of when entering online sweepstakes and giveaways.

You Survived Black Friday!

If you’re reading this, you obviously survive the Black Friday mayhem and madness. If you went shopping I hope you bagged some bargains. For those of you in the USA, I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

We are coming into the busiest sweepstakes time of the year. Ironically, it is also one of the best times to enter but not because there are more prizes, because people are too busy with the holiday season.

If you hate going to the malls, and shopping centers during this time because of the crowds and long lines, try and finish your shopping as early as possible. This way, you can still go to these places but as a window shopper and a contest spotter. Trust me, when you don’t have to part with cash, it makes shopping much more fun.

Many shops have ‘in store giveaways’ at this time of year and people will pick up a form and plan on filling it out, but don’t. This is where you can scoop some excellent prizes.

Besides the in-store giveaways there are many sites online which will be starting advent calendar giveaways. These are always fun but time intensive as you have to go back each day to enter. Some will offer a roll over of your entry for future draws. For this type, enter early.

Also we are just a  day away from the end of the month and you know what that means, many closing dates are fast approaching.

That’s it for this week.

Good luck with your entries.

Prizes For Autumn

As the end of the month is almost here, so too are the deadlines for many sweepstakes. Don’t miss your opportunity to win some excellent prizes. Usually for the giveaways ending in October we see autumnal prizes and those associated with health.

It is when people turn their minds to decorating their homes for the upcoming season and many companies also like to offer prizes or cash to help the consumer with this.

It was often thought that retailers saved all their good prizes and their advertising dollars for the holiday season but with online sweepstakes and contests it doesn’t see to be the case as they realize that online shopping is a year round event. They also know that many savvy shoppers do their holiday shopping early so they can enjoy the season and not be worried about gift buying at a busy time of year.

I know you may be busy with the upcoming Halloween activites, depending on where you live or harvest festivals in the schools but don’t forget to enter those sweepstakes. Most sites make it as easy as possible to enter, so it only takes a couple of minutes and who knows, you could bag a prize.

Good luck with your entries this month.

A Streamline Look

You may already have noticed the changes here at Ace Contests & Sweepstakes. We have removed images from many of links.


I know everyone likes a site which is visually pleasing but what all of us want is a site which loads fasts and can go from sweepstakes to sweepstakes without slowing down. I will be replacing a few images over the upcoming weeks but am testing the waters to see how the new slimline look appeals to people.

Not only does this speed the loading times up for you, the user, it also helps me provide more contests for you. We are looking forward to many more sweepstakes with some fantastic prizes over the next few months on the run up to Christmas. We will try and bring you not only the big ones from major retailers but also some of the small ones from bloggers.

As you know I try and help promote bloggers who run giveaways as I feel it helps to boost their readership. Running a giveaway is a great way for bloggers and website owners to attract new people to their sites and I want to encourage this by adding these to my lists.

I hope you find our updated look helps you enter more giveaways in less time.

Thanks for your visit today.

End Of Summer Sweepstakes

The end of August is right around the corner and with it come many sweepstakes which are ending. It is always to easy to look at the date and think, “I have time left to enter”. Don’t wait, enter them when you have a chance. Life tends to get busy and it is easy to forget.

Also remember, during the summer, and also through the month of December, offer you the best odds of winning.


Because people are outside doing other activities and not knuckling down and spending time entering. Even though many people have their smartphones with them, they are enjoying time with the family and are too busy to enter.

A Shout Out To Sponsors!

I have been entering sweepstakes and contests long before the internet. I used to scour grocery stores, newspapers and magazines for entry forms. Of course the internet has made entering much easier and cheaper but there is a trend I would like to see reinstated regarding instant wins prizes.

Years ago, instant wins were popular but the odds of winning were, staggeringly high to win a worthy prize. That is still the case, it ranks out there with winning the lottery.

What most people didn’t know, unless you were a serious sweepstakes fanatic like myself, those prizes which weren’t claim, were still up for grabs!

Way at the bottom in the rules there was always an address to send a 3” x 5” card with your name and address to be entered into a draw for many unclaimed prizes. After all those prizes had been ring fenced to that giveaway.

We all know that there are people who don’t check instant win vouchers and just throw them away saying something like, “I never win anything” or “No one wins, it’s a scam”. I would roll my eyes in disbelief when I heard that. Because as you know people are winning prizes every day!

Now, unfortunately the instant win prizes don’t seem to be offered in a draw if they aren’t claimed. I only rarely see this as an option now. It is a shame because that was an added element to keep the attention long after the item was purchased.

So here is what I am asking. If you like to take part in instant win giveaways, drop the sponsor a line and make a polite request. These prizes have already been promised, so why not expand the excitement. Of course the company would be unlikely to change their rules for the current instant win sweepstakes, however for their next giveaway, they might.

I think if they receive several requests, they would alter their future instant win prize allocation. Everyone loves a second chance at winning and this would be a good hook for them to use.
Did you know that instant win prizes were often given away left unclaimed? It is amazing what you find in the fine print of the rules.