Trade your opinion for rewards

Win a trip to Alabama to watch motorcycle racing: Take your friend and have a blast Closes July 31, 2017 (Read more) 

Win a set of Caphalon pans: Another great prize for the kitchen. Closes July 1, 2017 (Read more)

Win Japanese knives: You will become a kitchen ninja with this knives. Closes July 7, 2017 (Read more)

Win the best products of 2017: A gift bag with all the best product of the year could be yours. Closes May 1, 2017 (Read more)

Win a healthy retreat to Scotland: 6 nights accom, organic vegetarian food, hiking. Closes April 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a Briggs & Stratton Pressure washer: If you've got deep down grime which needs shifting, you need power, here it is. Closes April 27, 2017 (Read more)

Win a bass boat: Calling all bass fishermen (and women) if you want to bag the big one, you need this boat. Closes Sept 18, 2017 (Read more)

Win $50,000: If you have tumbleweeds blowing through your bank account, then this is a must enter: Closes June 16, 2017 (Read more)

Win a trip to the MLB all star game: Grab 3 friends to take with you for 4 days of baseball, hot dogs and fun. Closes June 2, 2017 (Read more)

Win a 3D printer, XBox : For fun and office, get your entry in to win, also instant win prizes. Closes  June 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a ride on lawn mower: Grass cutting season is right around the corner and what better way to tackle it than with a ride on mower. Closes April 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a 2017 Chevy Silverado: How great would this look parked at your house? Imagine the joy you would bring to your family if you won this, don't disappoint them, enter it now. Closes August 31, 2017 (Read more)

Win accessories for your AR-15 : Call all owners of an AR-15 a long list of accessories could be yours. Closes April 30 2017(Read more)

Win a Toyota: Clear a spot in your garage, this car could be coming your way. Closes Sept 20, 2017 (Read More)

Win a trip to Vegas : You and a guest could be going to the Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas. Closes April 24, 2017 (Read more)

Win a Go Pro and dietary supplements: You can get fit and record your progress. Closes April 24, 2017 (Read more)

Win an XBox One Console + more: Call your friends and get them over to your place, it's Game On! Closes December 31, 2017 (Read more)

Win a trip to the Florida Keys: Grab your bikini and significant other for this trip to the Florida Keys. Closes April 28, 2017 (Read more)



Win a surfboard and jewellery: You'll be looking great on and off the beach with this prize. Closes April 17, 2017 (Read more)

Win a travel trailer: No more sleeping under canvas when you go camping. This beautiful travel trailer could be yours. Closes May 31, 2017 (Read more)

Win a $1,000 Walmart gift card: Okay, this will solve Christmas and birthday shopping for the year! Closes April 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a trip to  Tahiti: You could be cruising around Tahiti enjoying sun, fine dining, and beautiful scenery. Closes April 15, 2017 (Read more)

Win a Nash sofa: A beautiful designer sofa could be yours. Enter now to win a leather sofa. Closes April 24, 2017 (Read more)

Win an incubator: All small farmers and homesteaders would benefit from one of these. Don't let your unreliable hens, rule the roost. Closes May 26, 2017 (Read more)

Win a 3 in 1 forestry tool: If your wood pile needs sorting, this is the prize for you. Save your back and enter now. Closes May 25, 2017 (Read more)


Win $4,000: Calling all new (or soon to be) parents. Enfamil wants to give a lucky winner $4,000. Will it be you? Closes May 31, 2017 (Read more)

Win a year's supply of crafting paper: Hello Scrapbookers, this is the perfect prize for you. Closes June 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a Caribbean cruise: Cancel your plans for mid-December because if you win this prize, that is when you're going! 6 nights cruising to the Caribbean for you and a guest. Closes April 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a $10,000 Fashion shopping spree. Ladies how great is this? The perfect way to increase your wardrobe. Beautiful and elegant clothing and items for the home. Closes July 26, 2017 (Read more)

Win a custom bicycle: Make this the year to get fit with a custom made bike worth $900. closes May 31, 2017 (Read more)



Win $25,000: Do you have room in your wallet or bank for a bit of extra cash? If so, you may want to enter this one. Closes June 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a trip to Hawaii: Grab your bikini for this vacation to Hawaii. Sun and fun will be had. Closes April 30, 2017 (Read more)

Win a summer party: You and 11 guests can party this summer if you're selected as the winner. Closes July 31, 2017 (Read more)

Win a fishing trip: Calling all anglers, here's your opportunity to go fishing with an expert. Your target is tarpon. Closes April 14, 2017 (Read more)

Win a Samsung Galaxy 8 : Ready for a phone upgrade? Here's your chance to win a Galaxy 8 & headphones: Closes August 28, 2017 (Read more)

Win $5,000: In this writing contests, you have the chance to win up to $5,000. Quarterly contest with 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prizes. Closes  The Contest has four quarters, beginning on October 1, January 1, April 1 and July 1. The year will end on September 30. (read more)

Win a Farm: It's not a misprint, you could win a beautiful organic farm in North Carolina worth an estimated $450,000 Closes June 1, 2017 (Read more)


Win a Cuisinart food processor: Slice, dice and chop like a pro with this prize: Closes April 30, 2017 (Read more)


 Win a trip to a Botanical Garden anywhere in the USA: If you love gardening, what better place to look for inspiration than at a botanical garden? closes April 30, 2017, (Read more)




Win a Rocket Stove: Cook whenever and wherever you feel like it with this Bear River Rocket stove. Closes July 20 (Read more)

Win a solar greenhouse: Who says you only can garden starting in Spring? Get a jump on the season with this greenhouse. Closes June 5, 2017 (Read more)

Win Oriental cooking products: Call your friends and invited them to your next Oriental themed dinner party. You will be a masterchef with these prizes. Closes October 6, 2017 (read more)

Win $1,000,000:  This is a payment spread over 40 years at $25,000 per year. Closes April 30, 2017 (Read more)



 Win a Bulova watch: Ladies, look at your wrist, could it do with a new watch? Here's your chance. Closes April 21, 2017  (read more)

Win $2,000 : Photography competition.The Humanity Photo Awards Closes April 15, 2017 (read more)

 Win  a  $10,000 travel voucher + $10,000 spending money: Although this is advertised as a trip to China, the prize is a travel voucher and spending money. Excellent prize. Closes 00:00 Wednesday 21 June 2017 UTC, (Read more)

Win a Caribbean Cruise. The perfect way to banish those winter blues, a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean. Closes November 5, 2017 (Read more)

Win a $1,000 Sam's Club gift card: Love this prize and you will too if you are chosen as the winner. Closes May 31, 2017 (Read more)


 Win a check for $2,600: This is to go and buy produce for a year but is in the form of a check for that amount. Closes May 31, 2017 (Read more)

 Win $100,000: Need I say more? Who wouldn't want to enter to win a check with that many zeros? Closes January 2018 (Read more)


Win a gold nugget: There's gold in them dar hills! or at least in this sweepstakes. Closes Sept 5 (Read more)

Win a Toyota Tundra + a Trip to Vegas: Now this is a truck! If you can see yourself behind the wheel, get your entry in. Closes Oct. 1 (Read more)

 Win a trip for 4 to San Francisco, California. If you love Star Wars, you simply must enter this to win a trip and see a Star Wars museum. Closes May 31, 2017 (Read more)


Win a 55" TV, sound system or party supplies. When it is game time, why not party in style? Win this and you can.  Closes May 15, 2017 (Read more)



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